Benchmarking Our Performance

West Central Conservancy District is firmly committed to performing our job of collecting, purifying and restoring wastewater at the highest possible level, and we're proud that we have been able to do that since 2002 without a raise in our rates.

The District has always based its residential rates on the water industry's recognized national average for a family of three - 9,000 gallons a month. This is also the Indiana Department of Environmental Management's sewage requirement for a new subdivision. (IDEM requires that in the design stages, a developer has to be able to show that sewage can be handled in a monthly volume that equates to water use of 310 gallons a day per household times 30 days, so roughly 9,000 gallons per household per month.)

Benchmarking Our PerformanceWhen benchmarking our performance, we often compare rates with nearby communities and districts. Like the District, some wastewater treatment providers charge a flat monthly rate. Others charge a monthly fee plus a certain rate based on water usage. When we make a rate comparison like the one shown here, we convert those rates to a figure that equates to the industry standard 9,000 gallons a month, so there is a common benchmark for comparison.

A wastewater treatment provider can use water consumption as a basis for sewer billing if it controls the water. The District does not control the water. Therefore, it determines a flat rate to be more equitable for its specific purpose.

For our customers, it's important to know that your monthly bill adequately covers three items: the District's operational costs/maintenance, debt service and depreciation, so no rate increases are anticipated. And while the District is designated as a special taxing district, we have not exercised our option to tax, as many wastewater utilities do. Our revenue comes solely from user rates and charges, so we are not adding to the taxes of our customers.

Another benchmark of our performance has always been our ability to respond positively to rapid development as businesses, schools and subdivisions have brought increased water use, and we will continue to support such development in the future. (See related story, School Partnership Benefits Community.)

Much of the District's treatment plant and sewage collection infrastructure were in operation prior to the founding of Avon, which is a very new community compared to most Indiana towns. Our facilities have been upgraded, expanded and thoroughly maintained over the years, and with our last completed construction, the District can now purify 5 million gallons of wastewater each day - enough to fill eight Olympic-sized swimming pools!

Finally, we come to another performance benchmark - service. Wastewater treatment is one utility you really don't expect to, or want to, think about. You just want it to work! We believe the service the District provides works well. West Central Conservancy District is committed to collecting, purifying and restoring wastewater well into the future.

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